Welcome to my goofy little place

Im Cosmo,I like art, chemestry, and memes. Im just a bit goofy

Im in the Object Show Community so expect a lot of object oc art

My Art Stuffs :D.

Out Of Context Discord Screenshots >:).

Memes >:3.

My Other Stuff :O.

My Discord: cosmopolantic

1/12/23 -Hello! Welcome to the updade board, this is were, well, updates to this silly place will be!

4/27/23 -New background color

7/4/23 -sus... and another peice of art

7/5/23 -finally changed my discord to the new one lmao, and some more art

7/6/23 -New page

7/9/23 -More memes

7/23/23 -Nnew cursor :DDD, but i have no clue how to make the pointer cursor work :(((

8/6/23 -New font, background color, and i removed the "my ocs" page cuz i never use it

8/7/23 -Art

11/1/23 -Art

11/13/23 -New thing!!! Its for my other stuff that i do

5/4/24 -Added more stuff on the My Other Stuff :O